Concurrent Enrollment 

The Summit Academy South is proud to offer our students the opportunity to enroll in specific community college classes as part of the Concurrent Enrollment program (CE).  As part of CE,  students' tuition is paid by Summit Academy. Students receive credit for these classes both at the college and high school level. Colorado data show that students in CE programs are more likely to enroll in postsecondary education, have higher postsecondary grade point averages and retention rates, and decreased need for remediation. In May 2009, the Colorado State Legislature passed the Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act. The Act created the Concurrent Enrollment program, defined as the simultaneous enrollment of a qualified student in a local education provider and in one or more postsecondary courses, including academic or career and technical education courses, at an institution of higher education.


Summit South students in grades 10-12 can participate in CE at the local community college. Interested students should contact Mrs. Sweeney in the spring for enrollment in fall semester college courses. Students enrolled at Summit South may choose to participate as a full- or part-time student. Email Mrs. Sweeney with any questions or to set up a meeting.

Interested in Concurrent Enrollment?
Contact Ms. Sweeney at
  • ALL STUDENTS who are interested in Concurrent Enrollment MUST meet with Mrs. Sweeney to review the program. Guidelines for the CE program can be viewed in the CE Guidelines tab below. 
  • ALL current or new CE students must meet each year in March or April with the Summit South Counselor, Ms. Sweeney.
  • Courses to be taken at the community college must be pre-approved by Ms. Sweeney.
  • Required paperwork must be turned in on time each semester. Paperwork for fall semester 2021 is due the last Friday in April 2021. 
    • Concurrent Enrollment Agreement form for the community college must be completed each semester
    • Summit Academy Promissory Note once a year
    • Summit Academy CE Family Agreement Form once a year
    • ICAP should be reviewed and updated each year to ensure student is on track to meet graduation requirements
    • Transcript should be updated each year to include classes that have been completed
    • Full-Time/Part-Time Declaration Form must be completed in September before October Count
  • Student Fees are payed by the family to the community college. CE pays for class tuition, but not student fees; colleges post their fees on their websites. Reimbursements, if applicable, will happen per the Full-Time vs Homebased document (see tab below).