Planning for High School Graduation:
Developing an ICAP 

Four Year Academic Plan (ICAP)


An ICAP is a 4-year plan of your child's high school years - a roadmap of sorts.  Use the forms below, or design your own, to help you plan and create your student's Four Year Academic Plan (ICAP). Keep in mind, this is a plan; it is changeable. It is meant to be updated based on your child's goals for post-high school. The ICAP ensures that your child steadily is getting classes he or she will need to enter college or the career of his or her choice.

The ICAP (updated each semester) is required for all Concurrent Enrollment students and recommended for part-time students.

High school graduation requirements for Jeffco are linked below so you can see which specific classes are required for graduation as a full-time student. Part-time or homebased students do not need to meet the Jeffco graduation requirements. 


College admissions requirements (HEAR) are also linked below. These are general requirements and vary by university.  Be sure to look at the universities that are of interest to your student before and during their junior year. 

Instructions for filling out the Four-Year Academic Plan (ICAP)

  • Fill in student's name and grade for the coming year.

  • List all high school level classes taken.  "CR" stands for credit. Each semester of a class is 0.5 credit; one year is 1 credit.

  • List all college classes taken and indicate such by writing (C) after the course name. Each 3-semester hour course gets a 0.5 credit, and 4- and 5-semester hour classes receive a 1.0 credit.

  • Project the rest of high school by filling in the anticipated classes. Use the college admissions or high school graduation requirements as a guide for this.

  • Remember, this is a road map that can change. Do not stress too much about it, but plan so you are ready for college admissions, if that is your goal.

Email Ms. Sweeney if you are having trouble creating a plan with your student. We are hear to help you as much as you need.