Forms and Policies

Immunization Paperwork: Every student must have a current immunization record on file for Jefferson County Schools requirements.. There are two options:


1.  Submit a copy of immunization record provided by your health care provider. This form will not need to be provided every subsequent year or be labeled with a specific date, although a new copy should be submitted when your child receives new vaccinations.


2.  Submit an exemption form each school year. You may submit one of two exemption forms -- Medical or Non-Medical. Copy and paste the link below for the forms. You may print the PDF or submit an online version, but either way a printed copy must be turned in at our office. This form must be dated on or after July 1st of each year.

Medication PaperworkIf you will be leaving any medications in the office for your child to access during the school year, you must have a medicine form completed and signed by your doctor for each medication - this includes over the counter medicines.

Health Plans: If your child has a reported health condition, a detailed health plan signed by your doctor must be turned in on or before orientation. All health plans must be updated for the new school year; these must be dated on or after July 1st and signed by your health care provider.

​​​​​​​​​​​Diabetes Forms

Rapid Covid-19 Notification Form

Please use this form to notify school personnel if your child was tested for (no result yet) or received a positive test result for Covid-19. School staff will follow up as soon as possible to provide information about next steps according the JCPH and Jeffco's guidelines.

Thank you for taking steps immediately to notify the school so they can implement the appropriate plan based on the information provided.