Volunteer Requirements

Volunteering at Summit South is part of the "cost" of enrolling at Summit Academy South. I know how valuable your time is, and I have been on the parent side of volunteering in a homeschool program on your day "at home, off from teaching."


But I can tell you that even though it sounds like a pain, there are a ton of benefits to volunteering at the school. In fact, the year that I chose not to volunteer and to buy out, I felt very disconnected from my kids' friends and I didn't know anyone at the school. The following year when I did volunteer, I can say that I got to know the other kids, and I even made a friend.


Summit Academy South can't run well without volunteers, and your contribution is a huge part of the program's success.


​​How to Fulfill Volunteer Requirements

  • You may sign up for your job preference on our Volunteer management site, Track It Forward. Your account will be created for you upon your family's Enrollment, using the email address you provided to Jeffco Connect. Volunteer jobs will be finalized during registration.

  • Or you may participate in the Volunteer Buyout Program by submitting (cash only) a $140 Buyout Fee. This $140 will be given to another parent who will take on your job as well as their own. This option has limited availability.