Jeffco Platforms Help

When students enroll in a Jeffco School, parents and students are set up with several accounts, including Jeffco Connect, Schoology, Gmail, Infinite Campus, and Enroll Jeffco.

Jeffco Connect: the district’s main database for family information (demographic information, as well as contact details and preferences for parents/guardians and emergency contacts)

  • Parents create their own account with a username and password. Multiple parents can be on one account with an order of contact, or each can have their own account.

  • Please log in and check for any red links on the left side menu, even if you think you have updated for the year.

  • This is where families have the option to Opt Out of FERPA Directory Information. Jeffco has made improvements to its policy regarding student data privacy and how parents communicate their opt out choices.

  • You can email Ms. Amy at if you need help with your account login.


Schoology: teacher, class, and school communication

  • Parent/Guardian Login -- use your Jeffco parent username and password (same one as Jeffco Connect)

  • Student Login -- Jeffco student ID and birthdate (MMDDYYYY)

  • Schoology Help Link

  • You can see your child's in-progress grades, assignments that are upcoming and due, and class updates. Schoology is also the platform for communication with teachers -- it is very important that you check Schoology weekly and that you know how to use this tool. You can set up notifications in the settings to receive messages and recaps to your preferred email address.

  • No one who is not in a course at the school can have access to your student or their information. This is not a public internet platform. 

  • Summit South Parents' Schoology Group: See newsletters for the access code to join. This group contains helpful links and information, events and due dates, and is a place for questions and comments! Also things not posted publicly on the website, like field trip signups, etc. Be sure to check that you are viewing as a parent (top right), instead of viewing as your student, in order to access the group. Most files and links will be posted under Resources (on the left).

Gmail: all Schoology notifications and course updates go to the student's Gmail account.

  • Here is a video explaining how to forward those emails to your or your student's existing email address, if needed. This will help you to stay up to date with what is going on in class, as you will get updates messages from teachers.

  • Student Login -- Jeffco student ID and birthdate (MMDDYYYY). Click on GMAIL in the little square menu in the upper right hand corner.

Infinite Campus: the district's platform for academic record-keeping (transcripts, grades, schedules)

  • Parent/Guardian Login -- use your Jeffco parent username and password (same one as Jeffco Connect)

  • Student Login -- Jeffco student ID and birthdate (MMDDYYYY)

  • At the top right, you will see a pull-down menu that you can use to choose which student to view (if you have more than one)

  • On the menu at the left, go to Documents, and you can choose Report Card to print when available at the end of each semester.

If you do not wish to receive early-morning automated phone calls (some of which may not pertain to our one-day program), you can opt out!

  • Log into Jeffco Connect.

  • Click on the first student name on your account.

  • In the left column, click on Contacts.

  • For each contact that you wish to change, click on the Edit button.

  • Under the First and Last name for the contact, you will see 3 tabs. Click on the Notification Preferences tab.

  • Unclick the checkbox labelled, “General.”

  • Don’t forget to change the setting for each contact, as desired. This procedure should change the setting under each student’s profile, but you can double-check this by going back to the “Home” page and clicking on another student.