Jeffco Platforms Help

When students enroll in a Jeffco School, parents and students are set up with several accounts, including Schoology, Gmail, Infinite Campus, and Enroll Jeffco.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal: the district’s main database for family information (demographic information, contact details, and preferences for parents/guardians and emergency contacts), academic record-keeping (transcripts, grades, schedules), and immunization/waivers.

  • Parent Portal Login -- use your Jeffco parent username and password (same one as Enroll Jeffco)

  • Student Portal Login -- Jeffco student ID and birthdate (MMDDYYYY)

  • At the top right, you will see a pull-down menu that you can use to choose which student to view (if you have more than one)

  • On the menu at the left, go to Documents, and you can choose Report Card to print when available at the end of each semester.


Schoology: teacher, class, and school communication

  • Parent/Guardian Login -- use your Jeffco parent username and password (same one as Infinite Campus)

  • Student Login -- Jeffco student ID and birthdate (MMDDYYYY)

  • Schoology Help Link

  • You can see your child's in-progress grades, assignments that are upcoming and due, and class updates. Schoology is also the platform for communication with teachers -- it is very important that you check Schoology weekly and that you know how to use this tool. You can set up notifications in the settings to receive messages and recaps to your preferred email address.

  • No one who is not in a course at the school can have access to your student or their information. This is not a public internet platform.

  • You can view your student's Schoology page under your parent login (see the pull-down menu at the top right), but students will need to logged into their own accounts to submit assignments.

Gmail: all Schoology notifications and course updates go to the student's Gmail account.

  • Here is a video explaining how to forward those emails to your or your student's existing email address, if needed. This will help you to stay up to date with what is going on in class, as you will get updates messages from teachers.

  • Student Login -- Jeffco student ID and birthdate (MMDDYYYY). Click on GMAIL in the little square menu in the upper right hand corner.