High School Options 

Summit recognizes that each student has different needs and different postgraduate plans.  The Summit Academy has a full-time and a part-time high school program for students in grades 7-12. Our secondary options include:

  • Attend The Summit Academy one day a week, filling your schedule with enrichment classes to help fill your high school transcript.

  • Attend The Summit Academy and also attend some college classes, which are subsidized by Summit Academy, part-time.

  • Take a full college course load, subsidized by Summit Academy, and no classes on location at Summit.

  • Take a combination of classes at Summit and at the college, but the courses would be equivalent to the requirements of full-time student status.


Parents are encouraged to investigate both programs before making a decision.   A high school counselor is available to offer advice and course planning to tailor academic plans to the needs of the student.