Enrolling at The Summit Academy South for 2021-2022

1st Round Choice Enrollment for 2021-2022 begins December 8, 2020


*1st Round Choice Enrollment (lottery once enrollment is full): December 8, 2020 - January 15, 2021*

*2nd Round Choice Enrollment (first come, first served and waiting list): January 19- August 31, 2021*

For families new to Summit South:


1. Jeffco Connect

  • Your Jeffco Connect contact information must be up to date. Contact us or your student's current school if you do not remember your user name or password or have trouble logging in.


  • A new student in a current family should simply be added to the existing family account. New Jeffco families will need to create a new account. You must complete this step before applying on EnrollJeffco.


2. EnrollJeffco

  • Visit EnrollJeffco by August 31, 2021. Click the "EnrollJeffco Login button".

  • Follow the prompts to indicate if your (new) student plans to attend their assigned neighborhood school (K-12), or would like to apply to one or more other schools of your choice, including Summit South.


  • For choice enrollment, you may apply to as many schools as you would like. Remember, this is an application. Acceptance to a choice school is based on space availability. Your student will be in the 2nd Round of Choice Enrollment, and instead of lottery placement, will be admitted in school or placed on a wait-list on a first come, first served basis.


3. Accept or Decline

  • You will hear from each of the schools to which you applied within a few days. The email you receive will contain a notification indicating (a) an offer to attend the school, or (b) information about your student's wait-list placement.


  • You will have three days to accept or decline any enrollment offers received. If wait-listed, your student will remain on the wait-list until you remove their name from consideration or you receive an enrollment offer

EnrollJeffcoButton (1).png

.Student Priority Placement is as follows (per J.A. Board Policy):


  1. Current students and staff children.

  2. Siblings (lottery if necessary). Sibling priority will be given to a prospective student if they have a currently enrolled sibling at Summit South that intends to return the following school year. Any student who receives an enrollment spot because of sibling priority will have their spot rescinded should the currently enrolled sibling withdraw or transfer prior to the start of the following school year.

  3. Choice enrollment, first round in-county (lottery) and qualifying siblings of students admitted during this process.

  4. Choice enrollment, first round out-of-county (lottery) and qualifying siblings of students admitted during this process.

  5. Choice enrollment, second round in-county (first come, first served) and qualifying siblings of students added to the wait lists during this process.

  6. Choice enrollment, second round out-of-county (first come, first served) and qualifying siblings of students added to the wait lists during this process.

PLEASE NOTE:  Submitting a Choice Enrollment Form and/or enrolling at The Summit Academy South does not affect your enrollment status at The Summit Academy in Westminster, or at Jefferson Academy in Broomfield. These schools have separate admission procedures and Choice Enrollment priority lists, and priority admission does not transfer between the schools.


Important Information to Note from Jeffco about Choice Enrollment in The Summit Academy South:

1. An approved application for Choice Enrollment shall be valid for attendance at the current school for the remainder of the current school level that the school serves - elementary, middle or high school.

2. Students who wish to return to their neighborhood school or to enroll in a different school must submit a Choice Application or Administrative Transfer Request following the timelines for these applications.

3. All Choice Enrollment high school students must comply with all CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) requirements and bylaws. A student who transfers from School A to School B without a bona fide family move will be ineligible for varsity competition in the first 50 percent of the maximum regular season contests allowed in any sport in which the student was a participant in the last twelve months. Other factors may also influence athletic eligibility.

4. Transportation is not provided for Choice transfers.


Sibling Priority- The Jeffco Public Schools policy allows siblings to attend the same school by giving enrollment priority to children in the same household. One sibling must currently be enrolled at the requested school and scheduled to return to the requested school. If you are applying to have your child attend a school other than his/her assigned school, requests will be approved based on space availability and there is no guarantee that your child will be able to attend any school other than the assigned school.  Parents certify that the information given in this document is true, complete, and correct.