Summit Academy South in Littleton is an expansion of The Summit Academy in Westminster. Both programs are in place with the purpose of working alongside homeschool families to offer quality classes that will enrich what you are doing at home, at the same time providing opportunities for students to develop deep friendships with classmates.

We meet one day a week on Thursdays at Mosaic Church. It is a full day of 6 classes for approximately 34 weeks - a full school year. When you enroll, you will get access to our amazing homeschool-friendly lending library and awesome classes that will enrich your homeschool.

Our Philosophy

We feel strongly about parent choice in education. Our desire is to work alongside parents by providing classes that they want, curriculum choices that they can utilize, and meaningful relationships. We do not desire to usurp the role of the parent in their children's education, but rather be a supporter and cheerleader.

Our History
  • 2004: The Summit Academy started in a basement with a science class of 14 kids.

  • 2006-2013: We were part of the Aurora Public Schools Options program.

  • 2013: We began a partnership between Jefferson Academy and parents to provide quality education to homeschool families, now numbering over 500 kids.

  • 2018: We expanded to a south campus in Lakewood to meet the needs of the growing number of families that are commuting many miles to take part in our program.

  • 2019: We moved to another campus location in Littleton and continue to expand and support our homeschool families.